On Friday evening, the Nottingham Lions were on hand to help open the newly re-fitted Ice Locker store at the National Ice Centre.

Matt Bradbury, head coach for the Lions, says they were happy to help Ice Locker:

“They’re a good friend of ours and it’s great to able to help them out on such a momentous occasion.”

The Lions were there to pose for photos and promote the opening of the biggest ice sports shop in the country. It is more than double the size of the previous store, and took five weeks to re-fit.


The Lions and Store Manager Phil Jones outside the all-new Ice Locker store.

Philip Jones, Ice Locker store manager, was on-hand to cut the ribbon. He applauds the store for the quality of the equipment, its services, and its ability to cater for all ice sports, unlike its competitors:

“We offer a skate technician five days-a-week and, at 60 hours, offer the longest opening hours in the trade. Also, our closest rival is only half the size of this store.”

Bradbury adds “It’s a wonderful thing to have such a facility on our doorstep in Nottingham. They stock some fantastic gear here for everyone of all ages- it’s all fantastic.”

He also stresses the importance of the Lions’ partnership with Ice Locker:

“Obviously, it’s great to have the opportunity to sell our merchandise, but I think the bigger picture is it’s great for the youngsters who want to get out and play ice hockey. They’re the future of the sport.”

“It helps to raise the profile of everyone involved- the Lions, Ice Locker and the National Ice Centre. It’s all about working together and helping each other out in the future.”

Jones praises the National Ice Centre for their partnership with Ice Locker and the Lions, who helped get the project underway through funding, saying that it’s now his job to “take it further and give back to the community.”

He is optimistic about what the opening means for ice sports in general. adding:

“We offer payback schemes for all the clubs who buy from us, so it allows us to put money back into sport. We’re not just here to make profit- we have initiatives that mean we put money back into local sport, and to help develop it long-term throughout the country.”

Bradbury has his eye on a few things himself- “I really fancy those white Bauer ice skates- they look fantastic… and maybe a new whistle!”


(L-R) Danny Harrison, General Manager of Nottingham Lions; Phill Jones, Retail and Merchandising Manager at Ice Locker; Michaela Watton, Assistant Merchandise Manager at Ice Locker; Mikey Rose, Nottingham Lions player (sponsored by Ice Locker), Geoff Huckstep, CEO at NIC; Callum Worthington-Evans, Nottingham Lions player (sponsored by Ice Locker); Martin Ingham, Finance Director and Deputy CEO at NIC; Matt Bradbury, Head Coach for Nottingham Lions and Sports Development Officer at the NIC.

Lions sponsor Ice Locker are open seven days-a-week. They stock Nottingham Lions and Nottingham Panthers merchandise, as well as equipment for a range of ice sports. Full details of their products and opening times can be found on their website.

As well as their range of goods, Ice Locker offer a 10 percent discount online and a price match guarantee, where customers are refunded the difference on an item if they find it cheaper elsewhere.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012.