In preparation for the upcoming 2014/15 NIHL Laidler D2 season, the Nottingham Lions are pleased to announce the return of assistant captain Ben Wood to the pride.


The 26 year-old left-winger helped himself to five goals and fifteen assists from twenty-six games last year, leaving him in third place in the Nottingham points standings.

In what will be the Doncaster-born forward's seventh season in a Lions jersey and once again he had no hesitation signing on the dotted line, as he spoke to this week;

"I've played for Nottingham right through the junior set up and bar the one season that I was recovering from a broken leg, I've really enjoyed every season I've been here.  I now live just up the road from the rink and I still enjoy being part of the team each week as much as I ever have, so it wouldn't make sense for me to go elsewhere - also there looks to be some really strong players coming into the league this season, which should make for a better standard each week"

Wood went on to say that the added pressure of being one of the more senior players in the squad shouldn't affect his game too much, saying;

"I've always been pretty vocal in and around the team so I just get on with it and try to lead by example on the ice and I'm looking forward to helping some of the younger players settle into the team, in their first full season of senior hockey."

"Personally, I want to chip in with a few more goals this season - I usually get my fair share of points but I know I need to be more selfish at times and look for the shot rather than the pass, as Matt always tells me! - but I do still enjoy the physical side of the game too."


The feisty winger also spoke about the team's ambitions this season, adding;

"From what I've seen throughout summer training we look to have picked up some really strong players, and have kept the majority of the team together that took a good Solihull team to penalty shots in the play off final last season - add to that some promising junior players like Connor Glossop and Joe Humphries and I think we can be a match for any team."

Head coach Matt Bradbury was also delighted to have Ben back on board for another year and seems to have a clear idea of what he wants to see from the senior forward come September, saying;

"Woody plays his best hockey when he's a little agitated - he's a real battler and always gives us the best he can and he's not afraid to mix it up. "

"As one of the most senior players I always expect more of him and I'm keen to see him shoot the puck more - it was also nice to see him play the 'A' role well, supporting Luke (Thomas) and I want to see more of the same in the forthcoming campaign."

benwoodfightingrichslatersolihullBen taking on Solihull's Richard Slater at the National Ice Centre last season.

Ben joins Luke Thomas, Neil Adams and Tom Hovell who have already re-signed for the forthcoming campaign.

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Sunday, 03 August 2014.
Simon Ball-McQueen - Press Liaison Officer